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I decided that starting over sounds fun. I’m not deleting this blog, too many memories and posts. But I won’t be posting here anymore. I followed most of you that I interact with on a regular basis with my new blog. If I missed you send me an “ask” it will show up in my email so I can add you.


This is the kind of shit that makes me hate public school. Don’t turn our schools into a bigger joke than they already are. We need to be teaching true history.

I need a name change for my blog or a start over. I have decided I no longer want to have the word “dad” in my name. I will still post the same shit I usually do, I mean I’m still a dad. 

The thing is I don’t want to be lumped in with a majority of the dad bloggers. I am not talking about the dad bloggers I follow on here. I love my tumblr dad blogger friends. I am talking about dad bloggers as a whole. I see way too much whining and crying coming from them and that is just not my style. I like to joke around and have fun. Not get pissed about everything in the world. Tumblr dad’s enjoy having fun. The other dad bloggers seem like stuffy, rich, upper crust people I don’t understand and never will. 

Awake to watch the Manchester United match against West Ham. Soccer matches are one of the main reasons I decided to get cable again, the pubs don’t open early enough for me to catch most matches.


The Specials- A Message to You, Rudy (1979)

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My black magic wife is working on her chicken foot voodoo. #voodoo #hoodoo

Finally getting to watch Purge Anarchy!

The cashier at the store just bagged my take and bake pizza sideways in a bag

Got it as soon as it was unloaded off the truck! #StoneIPA #EnjoyBy #10.31.14

Make our session between @trailerparkromance and Musha 😘🐶