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We went out for toilet paper and bought a pizza and Girl Scout cookies. Tawny went with me and we ended up in the line with this young checker girl. She is always really nice to us but very shy. We always try to talk to whoever is checking us out to try to make their day better. We always have some random subject to talk about. Today we talked to her about Girl Scout cookies because they were being sold out front. The time before we talked to her about cat supplies because we were buying cat food and litter. She told us how she was broke because she bought food for her cats instead of her. Today we had a little extra money and she told us her favorite cookie was Thin Mints. So we bought two boxes of Thin Mints and Tawny took her in a box. I guess the girl thanked her so much and got embarrassed. She was really excited because she was about to get off work and now she had a great snack.
We like to believe that doing good little deeds like that helps the world be a better place. She might think we are a crazy tattooed couple but I’m sure she will smile every time she remembers us giving her the cookies.

  1. fatsy-cline said: You’re good people, hobofamily.
  2. electradaddy said: A+
  3. judeabouttown said: Jealous!!
  4. thesassyprince said: why are your cookies named weird?? caramel delites should be SAMOAS and peanut butter patties should be TAGALONGS. are you sure they werent knock-off girl scouts? and wonderful, if i customer did that for me I would cry
  5. rockabillymomma said: Yes I love this post so much!!
  6. rootsrockweirdo said: That’s so awesome! It’s nice to know there are still good people out there. Your kids are so fortunate!
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